Participation has become the key issue in popular, economic, and academic notions of New Media. The conference seeks to examine and unravel the debates of the “Participation Age”, rejecting a mere appraisal of the impact of contemporary media on participation. Instead of perpetuating euphoric visions of social “all-inclusion”, web democracy and collaboration as well as pessimistic views of exclusion, top-down hierarchy and the “digital divide”, we aim to reclaim collectivity as an effect of technological, historical and political conditions and practices.

The conference includes three thematic sessions and closes with a final report by the members of the DFG-Network “Media of Collective Intelligence”:

1. Participation and the Claims of Community
2. Participatory Practices and Digital Media
3. Art and Media: Theory of Partaking
4. Final report and outlook of the DFG-Network “Media of Collective Intelligence”

DFG-Network “Media of Collective Intelligence”
Institute for Critical Theory, Zurich University of the Arts
Research Initiative “Media and Participation”, University of Konstanz